Braces, Bandages & Beyond is a website that is a family-owned and operated business, Tampa

Medical Supply, Inc. Since 1989, our company has been involved in providing patients, nursing homes

and hospitals with urgently needed medical equipment and supplies in a variety of specialized areas.

While focusing in this area of serving the underserved, we have come to learn that there are many

people who, along with being unable to gain access to complex items such as compression therapy

systems, have difficulty obtaining simpler, ordinary medical supplies. Not everyone can easily hop in

their car and drive to the local mall to purchase a simple item such as a bath bench, a pill splitter, a

quad cane or a grabber/reacher. People with limited mobility, often confined to home, are turning more

and more to shopping on-line. Thus, was conceived. Included in our

line up are neck braces, shoulder braces, back braces, arm braces and other braces, in all sizes, even to

accommodate very large, or “bariatric” patients as they are known.

Incontinence products provide another area to serve the public. Many folks find purchasing such

products in the public setting of a retail store embarrassing. We provide a way for people to purchase

incontinence briefs, bed pads, cleansing fluids, etc. in the privacy of their homes. In addition we offer

items not found in most drug stores such as male external catheters and straps for securing catheter

tubing to the leg.

On these pages you will find many other items such as electrical muscle stimulators or “TENS” units,

cast covers to keep casts dry while bathing, devices to overcome impotence, collagen dressings for

hard-to-heal wounds and Unna boots for treating venous leg ulcers. These and other products are

usually not even available in most local drug stores but are easily purchased here at Braces, Bandages

& Beyond. For anyone with questions about any of our products, a friendly and knowledgeable staff is

ready with answers at 1-888-817-5678.

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