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Electrical Muscle Stimulators

These devices have been around for quite a while, but the technology behind them has not stood still! Great advances have been made in the design and circuitry of these devices. Call them TENS units, call them EMS devices, call them Neuro Muscular Electrical Stimulators or NMES appliances, the idea is the same: use electrical impulses to stimulate muscle contraction to build muscle tissue helping to heal injured muscles while minimizing pain. But our selection embodies the latest strides in this technology. Our modern units have been fine tuned by researchers to produce the optimum electrical waveforms and voltages to get the job done quickly and effectively.

Our top of the line ManaFlexx 2 Digital And Rechargeable NMES Device is the Rolls Royce of NMES devices, being a completely wireless, battery operated, rechargeable, space age version of this amazing technology. You will be amazed at how efficacious it is.

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