Pillows, Cushions and Supports

Pillows Cushions Supports

Pillows, Cushions & Supports

For people with mobility issues, comfort is key. But even if you have no issues, comfort is still key! Think about getting home after a long day’s work, trying to shake off the stress and get comfortable only to find......there’s not a comfortable spot in the house. Arrrgh!

Here’s where Braces, Bandages & Beyond can really step up and make your life so much more pleasant. For just the right support to provide all the comfort and safe seating you need, see what we have available. Are you suffering from hemorrhoids? Our Comfort Rings will provide blessed relief from that painful situation. How about getting up out of your chair? Has that gotten a bit more difficult with every passing year? The Uplift Seat Assist (either the electrically powered version or the mechanical version) can eliminate the grunting, groaning and discomfort of rising from your seat. Wheelchair users know how sitting all day can not only become painful, but can be a source of dangerous pressure ulcers. We offer wide choice of wheelchair accessories to help prevent pressure ulcers starting with simple seat cushion foam pad and ranging on up to the amazing, full length wheelchair comfort pad that provides cushioning to every surface of your body that touches the chair. It truly must be seen to be appreciated.

For those with difficulty remaining upright in their chair, we offer a range of comfortable belt systems, wedges and foam pads in many shapes and sizes to allow designing a custom support system that provides that extra assist in remaining erect, avoid slumping over and riding tall and proud in the saddle, partner!

Neck supports, lumbar supports, the amazing Kabooti Ice Therapeutic Cooling Seat Cushion and so much more awaits your inspection. Enjoy!

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