Portable Compression Therapy

If you’re someone who benefits from compression therapy, then you’re going to love Plasma Flow. In addition to being totally portable, you’ll never have to deal with those pesky hoses or wires when using this device. How does it work without wires and hoses? Each leg sleeve has been designed with its own battery-operated air pump, which can last up to 8-10 hours or so. What’s more, these units are rechargeable and you can still utilize them while they’re being recharged.

You’ll love these devices, not only for their ease of use, but also because they’re highly affordable and more economical than those bulky stationary units. As a matter of fact, this product is so inexpensive, it can be applied to the patient in the hospital, surgery center, or nursing facility and then worn home. PlasmaFlow is compact, and you can easily conceal it by wearing it under your clothes, if you prefer not to have it exposed when you’re out and about.

Who benefits from PlasmaFlow? Many people will find this compression therapy device extremely useful, especially those who need to reduce their risk of deep vein thrombosis or DVT. Other benefits include enhanced blood circulation,reduced wound healing time, and diminished pain and swelling that’s usually associated with recovery from surgery. PlasmaFlow is also effective in assisting with the treatment and overall healing of many conditions like chronic venous insufficiency, arterial and diabetic leg ulcers, reduction of edema in the lower extremities, stasis dermatitis, and has even been reported to help with symptoms related to Restless Leg Syndrome. 

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