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The Skin Care section on Braces, Bandages & Beyond focuses mainly on products designed to help people with skin issues resulting from other medical problems. So, the person with incontinence, for example, has to deal not only with the primary medical issue but also with the various skin irritations and rashes that result from prolonged contact with urine and/or feces. Here we offer a variety of products such as barrier creams and soothing ointments to help folks find comforting relief for these difficult situations.

Persons confined to bed have difficulty getting clean without the assistance of a care giver. We have a selection of no-rinse cleansers, body washes, wound cleansers and lotions that allow most patients to complete these tasks on their own, freeing them from reliance on assistance from others.

And finally.....a unique product for those with a visible scar they wish would just go away, Scar Gel. Scar healing pads work well but there are many spots on the body where the pads will not stay put. At last, here is a gel that does the same flattening and fading job on scars as the pads, but does not fall off when you move around. Now Scar Gel can shrink and fade those scars on parts of your body where pads just can’t do the job.

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